Why Join the APEC?

  In the 1993 Newsletter, the then President of APEC, Dr John Booth of Australia, listed the following reasons why endodontists and national endodontic societies should join APEC and continue to support its activities:

To keep your country involved in regional endodontics.

To promote your country in the Newsletter by way of articles on Endodontics.

To work towards achieving high quality endodontics by means of advancing education through attending our meetings-if fees are charged then individual members could get a reduced fee.

To help set up a register of Endodontic specialists who are Board-registered in their country-this register could be of value to you if you have patients travelling.

To receive the Newsletter.

To enable you to feel you are helping the development of Endodontics in the Asian Pacific region.

To help you keep in touch.

The subscription is small and the knowledge gained can help you to be a leader in Endodontics in your country.

  Up until today, the same reasons still apply and it is most encouraging to see that APEC continues to grow, although slowly, within the region. The Confederation has conducted regular scientific meetings with large attendances in various countries in the region.

For those wanting to join the APEC send your application to :

Dr. Nobuyuki TANI-ISHII
Gmail :